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Team Members



"I am the Kingpin"

Kipp is a first-generation America who lives in California. Their parents are from Mexico and Poland (yes they can speak Spanish, no they cannot speak Polish, sadly). Kipp started streaming in November of 2020, but played around with Twitch as far back as 2016. Video games they stream include FromSoftware titles like Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and Sekiro. They also dive into first-playthrough experiences with narrative-heavy titles such as The Last of Us Series and Red Dead 2. Games that Kipp likes to play off stream are Space Station 13, Valorant, Fortnite, and Beat Saber to name a few. Activities outside of content creating that helps them feel fulfilled in life include rock climbing, dancing, improv, politics, and putting Aquaphor on their Psoriasis patches.




The word Algol is derived from Arabic, and can essentially be translated to 'ghoul'. Spooky.

Algol has 1500 games on steam, and this is cool - not weird. Algol knows a lot of weird little things - pretty weird. Algol is the eldest of us, mayhap the wisest of us. A certified e-gurl. For better or worse, Algol has an opinion on everything - and is always happy to share it. They love tech and products - a lot, looking for a deal or the best of the best of anything at all, they have your back.

Algol is a married landed noble from Georgia, loves sweets and treats, and doesn't like going outside.




Has a CS degree.



"Never doubt the Kingpin"

Ez helps keep twitch chat a cool little safe place for people to hang, helps with various back end things that come up, as well as providing incredibly stupid ideas for kipp to do to dance like a little monkey for everyone
Ez loves Souls games, Escape From Tarkov, Rhythm games, Valorant, the Metal Gear Solid series, and Katamari Damacy
Outside of streaming, he’s a pop culture demon who loves music, movies, books, fashion, art and celebrity gossip, as well as politics, writing, cooking, spirituality, and seltzer.



"Snacks and naps"

Fey came across the stream in 2016 whilst procrastinating from her dissertation and has followed the community since.
Fey began modding for the stream and enjoys getting involved with the community on discord in addition to other background stuff and experimenting with the website.

Fey is currently obsessed with Valorant but also enjoys chilled out simulation games.
Outside of the stream and the community, she mostly enjoys staring at her cat, Etty. She also enjoys motorcycles, shopping, caring for houseplants, spending time with friends whether it's watching KDramas, socialising over some drinks and a bogey or getting dinner as she's a big foodie!



*incoherent sighs*

Morgan came back onto twitch in the middle of 2021 after not touching it since 2014. Right when they came back they found Kipp’s stream and so many other lovely communities, the rest fell into place. Morgan helps the stream in making sure this is a safe and inclusive space for everyone, assuring that people respect the rules and boundaries set in place, and doing a lot of work in the shadows to assist in maintaining this cozy corner of twitch. Also helps mod other channels in the community and assists where they can. Morgan loves a variety of games like The Last of Us 2, Beyond 2 Souls, Uncharted Series, The Legend of Zelda Games, Fallout 3, Elden Ring, The Sims 1-4, and recently Valorant. When they aren’t playing games they love nature, hanging out with their pup named LB, listening to music, writing, watching movies, learning new things, and being around kind supportive human beings.



"You died btw"

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